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Date: 1/21/2021
Subject: First Call to LWVCO Convention 2021
From: Karen Sheek, President, LWVCO

FRIDAY, MAY 21 ~ 5pm - 7pm
SATURDAY, MAY 22, 2021 ~ 10am - 2pm
via Zoom
Please mark your calendars now!
You may expect the Final Call to Convention on or before April 6, 2021.
Final Call will include registration information and all documents
on which Convention Delegates will vote, including:
~ Proposed Program for 2021-22
~ LWVCO FY22 organizational budget
~ Slate of nominees for the LWVCO Board of Directors
~ Requested changes to LWVCO bylaws
Caucuses will be held on Friday, May 21 from 7pm - 8pm.
Would you like to host a caucus? Email by April 12!
Nominations are now open for LWVCO's biannual awards
honoring outstanding Colorado Leagues and members!
Please click the award name to access the nomination form. 
 All nominations are due April 12, 2021!
Honoring  an individual who has provided innovative and effective leadership 
 at one or several levels within his or her local League

Honoring a small and a large Colorado League that have advocated for issues

which have positively and visibly impacted and affected its local community.

Honoring a League overachiever whose work demonstrates an exceptional dedication
to creating a democracy where every person has the desire, the right, the knowledge and the confidence to participate
Please note that all nominations must be completed using the links above; emailed documents will not be accepted.
Questions? Email Beth. 

Registered 501(c)(3). EIN: 84-1135313